About The Company


Geoken Tech Services Nig. Limited

Geoken Tech Services Nig Ltd is an organization which offers services in the field of geotechnics, groundwater exploration, water treatment, Oil and gas software training (CADD, Piping, Process design & Reservoir characterization).

Our Vision

We are leaders in providing practical, innovative solutions to subsurface challenges in engineering, geoscience and the environment.

Our Mission

We will provide coherent, informed guidance on careers paths, training opportunities and links to gain employment within the oil and gas industry, delivery of high-quality professional Services in geological and geotechnical engineering, geoscience, water resources.

Our Core Values


Driven by a sense of duty to our clients and community, with integrity and good faith, we maintain honesty and transparency in all interactions, accept responsibility for our actions and the work we produce, and advance knowledge and understanding in the fields in which we work.


We expect our work and our service to be exceptional. Our pursuit of excellence ensures that our clients can depend on high-quality work.


we value strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We are devoted to providing outstanding service where loyalty, honesty, respect and professionalism are held paramount. We believe that our clients are entitled to clear communication, fair consulting fees, and sound, quality work.