We offer diverse and numerous services
with a stronghold in the oil and gas industry

Borehole Drilling

Water borehole involves drilling and casing a hole to access groundwater. Our company with the aid of the state of the art equipment, handle shallow and domestic borehole project.

Water Treatment

After construction of borehole, Geoken Tech Services treat water for consumer satisfaction. Our treatment solutions include:

  • Clarification
  • Sand filtration
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Water softening
  • Ion exchange
  • Cartridge filtration

Geophysical Survey

Prior to borehole drilling, we carry out a geophysical survey by applying Electrical resistivity method in determining the actual depth to drill, to enable the aquifer free from the contaminant, to avoid saltwater intrusion.


Geotechnics is the process of application of geotechnical principle for subsurface investigation. We carry out soil investigation prior to building and foundation design.

Piling & Pile Testing

Testing of piles is routinely carried out in order to verify that the design and construction of the piles are in line with expectations or to assist in the design of piles ahead of the main piling construction works.


Geoken Tech Services, have extensive experience in the design and testing of piles using all the above methods. We are able to provide engineering services to supervise testing and carry out interpretation using all of the above methods. Our independence from the piling contractor can often be valuable for the testing of piles, particularly for public projects where independent testing is a requirement.